Transported Festival is a celebration of electronic music, art, and wellness.  After the success of the inaugural edition, the Transported team are taking it to a whole new level for its sophomore year.  Journey into a transcendent adventure, curated by the imaginations of unique minds, that dare to bring dreams into reality.  Where creation and passion collide, sparking a whirlwind of thrill and exhilaration.  Stimulate your mind, body, soul and empower your inner child to run free.  Allow the serenity of nature’s true essence to heal and invigorate you. Be captivated by the music and sanction inspiration and release.

Located in the tranquil and captivating city of  Kent, CT.  90 minutes away from New York City. An opportunity has arisen to escape the confines of schedules, deny monotony, break free of conformity, and permit your spirit to vibrate on a higher level.  Indulge in an electric atmosphere, and get lost in an uninhibited oasis of the arts. Create a new rhythm of life, with like minded individuals, and explore a world derived from fantasy. Grant yourself permission to generate moments that will play forever in your memories.

A curated musical line up, where domestic and international sounds unite across three stages, for two days. Sonic bliss delivered by world class DJ’s and hybrid sets. Experience the music flowing through your body with international house, techno, and trance music elevating your spirit.

Wash away your stresses in a reenergizing lake, and discover harmony in enchanting forests and open fields. Be hypnotized by fire dancers, aerialists, and go-go dancers. Embrace self care with yoga, mediation workshops, and massage parlors. Manufacture your own personal safe haven with the unlimited possibilities Transported Festival provides.

Inhale freedom, encourage revelations, entice your curiosity, coincide with innovation, unchain your imagination, and be prepared to be TRANSPORTED July 30th – August 1st.

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